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    are veterens med. records,in-patient and out-patient kept at the same location?


      I was searching my med. records and  saw  a section indicating that if I had been an in-patient for any time period my

      records would be held a one facility and if I had been an out-side patient they would be held with the rest of

      my regular records. I saw this in washington  nations records ctr..These records are for myself & go back to my

      service time in okinawa,japan 71-72 with mike co. 3/4 3mar.div. re. a marine jeep crash vs. a civilian garbage truck,

      where both occupants where hospitalized. one died fr. int. injuries the other lived but there is no record of this

      incident in his files.

      I am that person  and the finding in that report my provide the reason why so long after the crash I have  expereinced

      such degenerative changes in my thoracic spine. If you have some valid inf. I will be glad to follow with all pertinent



                                                                                      thank you