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    Clara Barton Birthday Review Challenge - Update!

    Lauren Algee Tracker

      Thank you all for incredible work on our Clara Barton Birthday Review Challenge!


      We kicked off in mid-December with the goal of moving the number of pages awaiting review (then at 3,644) to under 3,000 by December 31 in honor of Barton’s Dec. 25 birthday. This meant changing the “completed” to “in review” ratio through activity, rather than hitting a specific count goal – a new type of challenge for us!


      As you can see in the chart below, Barton transcription and review activity both went up starting on Dec. 15 as you jumped in to help. But we were still surprised by the huge spike in activity that came in the week of Christmas! Volunteers completed 353 pages on Dec. 26 and 610 on Dec. 27! You really dug into review in the post-holiday lull! 

      Volunteers completed a total of 2,116 pages in just 2 weeks. Barton activity of all kinds remains elevated from early December, even several days after the challenge ended.

      Thank you all for your efforts to honor and celebrate Clara Barton's life and legacy during the month!



      --- Original post below ---


      Clara Barton's birthday is December 25, 1821. For the rest of the month we invite you, our wonderful volunteers, to celebrate this incredible person by reviewing pages from her diaries and other writings. Our goal is to move the number of pages awaiting review under 3,000. Today, that number is 3,644. Help us make these pages more accessible to people all over the world! Learn more about how to review in our help center.


      Clara Barton spent most of her life responding to human suffering brought about by war, famine, and natural disasters. She founded the Missing Soldiers Office during the Civil War to help relatives of missing, imprisoned, wounded or dead Union soldiers discover what had happened to them. At the age of 59 she founded the  American Red Cross to provide relief to civilians and soldiers in need around the world. She also fought for women's suffrage and women's right to work.


      Throughout her life Barton kept a daily journal documenting her experiences, ranging from her work with soldiers and humanitarian relief organizations to the day to day work of running a household. These document expenses, visits with friends and family, and meetings with the many politicians and powerful people she lobbied to support her causes. By the People volunteers have completely transcribed and reviewed fourteen of Barton's diaries, which you can read on loc.gov, the Library's main website. You can transcribe and review the remaining diaries on crowd.loc.gov.


      In addition to her fascinating diaries, Barton wrote autobiographies, speeches, poetry, and articles. We recently released these for transcription on By the People. Together with her diaries, these documents offer deep insights into her life and work.

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          judith yellen Adventurer

          I've been working on Clara Barton's writings since you issued the challenge.  Fascinating.  What an  extraordinary human being.  What a wonderful writer.  Thank you for the opportunity to use my skills for the first time in many years. A retired business writer and editor in my ninth decade, I've learned more than I ever imagined I would at this stage of life.

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              Thanks for taking part Judith! And thanks for sharing a bit about your experience. We love to hear from volunteers. I wonder if you've helped us achieve the very exciting milestone of completing all of Clara Barton's diaries? We first made the diaries available for transcription in October 2018, and it's pretty cool that over 6,000 pages have been fully transcribed and reviewed now. Or really, more like 12,000, because so many of the images are of two pages.


              Hope you're still enjoying the project!

              -Victoria, a By the People Community Manager