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    Seeking movements of USS Mount Vernon


      According to my father's war records, his unit (2/5 Field Company, 7th Division, Australian Army Engineers) embarked on the USS Mount Vernon in Suez (Egypt) on 8 February 1942, disembarking somewhere in Australia on 10 March 1942.  (I am seeking advice from Australian sources as to exactly where his unit's disembarkation occurred.)


      The excellent reference book Troopships of World War II (by Roland W. Charles - refer p.135), states that on 14 June 41, the ship then known as Washington, was delivered to the US Navy on charter, at which time she was renamed Mount Vernon.  She was purchased by the US Navy on 26 September 42.  Between June 41 & March 43, it was said that she sailed mainly in Australian, New Zealand & S.W. Pacific Islands waters.


      I would like to find out the following information:


      1. Confirmation that the embarkation port is correct and not say, Port Said or somewhere else

      2. All ports she stopped at on the way to Australia, including dates on arrival & departure.

      3. Ports she stopped at in Australia (including dates on arrival & departure), including her final destination.

      4. Any other info thought of interest, including number of troops on board, where there troops abroad from countries other that Australia, blah, blah.


      Some photos of the ship at the time (if possible) would be appreciated, or at a time somewhere near the sailing periods.


      I would be very grateful for any help you can give me, as I'm trying to plug some gaps in my Family's History.