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    Seeking list of all military personnel KIA in WWII from Platte County, MO


      Is there a way to find all of the military personnel who were listed as KIA during WWII who were from Platte County Missouri? I am trying to find out if the War Department during WWII ever compiled comprehensive listings of those Killed in Action, and Missing in Action by County as well as by State.  How did they get all of the names for the WWII Memorial on the National Mall?

      My mother, who served as a Marine Corps officer in Washington, DC during that war,  lost her high school sweetheart in the Philippines early in the war. He was from a town called Parkville, Missouri in Platte County, Missouri. That was one of the motivating factors she told me, (and the fact that her brothers were going to war) that caused her to join the Marine Corps when they started recruiting for women officers. 

      I thought if there were any comprehensive listings I might be able to ask the children and grandchildren of some of her friends who might recognise a name.  I'm working on a bio for her so I can get her registration made with the Women in Military Service for America Memorial. Thanks