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    Seeking answers to Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War questions


      I am a 9th grade AP World student currently working on a national history day project and I chose the topic of the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War. Part of my project is to conduct an interview and ask a few questions with an expert on the subject matter. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could answer the following questions and please give me a contact name or name of organization, as I need it to put in my bibliography.  Thank you in advance for your help.




      1. Were the French and the Latin American Revolutions the only major revolutions that happened almost immediately after the signing of the Declaration of Independence?


      2. Were most Native Americans in favor of the colonists or in favor of the British winning the Revolutionary War?


      3. How was the colonists relationship with the British after the Revolutionary War?


      4. Did any of Britain's other colonies rebel because of the fact that they saw a weakness in the British after the Revolutionary War?


      5. What were some of the factors that led to Great Britain's defeat in the Revolutionary War?