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    Seeking movements of USMC John D. Whittaker


      According to my father's war records, he embarked (with his unit in the 7th Division 2/6 Field Company, Australian Army Engineers)  on a ship named John D. Whittaker in Brisbane on 7 August 1944, disembarking in Port Morseby (New Guinea) on 14 August 1944. 


      I have searched high and low but haven't been able to find any record of the John D. Whittaker - or even if it actually existed!  The Australian Navy History Section believe the ship may well have belonged to the USMC, hence this enquiry.  There are 2 names vaguely similar: HMS Whitaker and John Whiteaker, which was originally recorded as John Whittaker but with the second ‘t’ is crossed out and replaced with an ‘e’.


      However, HMS Whitaker movements don't cover the before mentioned dates and I only have records for John Whiteaker for 1943 (I don't know how to attach it to this email.  Sorry.).  Could you possibly help me with any info you might have regarding this mystery ship, including photos?  If not, any ideas where should I try next? I would be very grateful for any help you can give me, as I'm trying to plug some gaps in my Family's History.