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    Seeking service records of William Benedict & Pearl Harbor Fire Department roster


      William L Benedict  :  joined Army 1921 / Left Army 1926. Taught Military science in Tucson AZ. Rejoined  Army in 1936. Then appointed Fire Chief Pearl Harbor 1937- 1942? (Quartermaster) . Then appointed Fire Marshall of entire pacific fleet. Resigned 1946. Where do I find Service records Army, Quartermaster or Navy? I want to know what kind of involvement The Pacific Fleet had for setting up Fire Departments on the islands in the Pacific including Japan and China


      Also looking for purchase information on a badge. Also don't know Where to start. Pearl Harbor Fire Chief  U.S.N.B.F.D. Markings on back: Produced by The Metal Arts Company Rochester NY. Company is closed. All records according by family of previous owner has been destroyed.


      One last thing is, I would love to find the complete roster of the Fire Department from Dec 7, 1941. I am looking for all this information to put together in a Factual book.