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    Seeking aerial combat photography from VF-9 & VF-10

    Tom Kunkle Newbie

      I'm trying to find out if the original aerial combat photography K-17 camera  films taken on 7 April 1945 by VFP photographic fighters from squadrons VF-9 flying off  CV-10 Yorktown and VF-10 flying off CV-11 Intrepid might still exist, and, if so, where they might be stored?  The specific  films I'm looking for are VF-9 sorties 393, Lt. Hudson, 395, Ens. W. Brewer, and 396. Lt. Commander H.N. Houck, along with those from VF-10 Esn. George Spooner.  The originals would be 9-1/2 inch roll film.  Any inter-negatives would also be of value.   The two famous pictures of the mushroom cloud resulting from the great explosion of the IJN battleship Yamato are images 396-27 and -28 in this series.  The VF-9 AAR indicates that additional pictures of the explosion were taken, and I am trying to find these images, along with the originals of Esn. Spooner's pictures showing the explosion fireball.  Esn.Spooner returned to the fleet in company of VF-9 and ended up landing and spending the night on CV-10 Yorktown, so it is possible that the Spooner films might be in the VF-9 Yorktown records.  Tom Kunkle, Los Alamos, NM