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    Are there escape & evasion files of men who escaped during forced marches

    Val Burgess Wayfarer

      Are there evadee files on the men, held prisoner in Germany and that returned to duty, that escaped during forced marches? My present research is to find information on a man that escaped on the force march from Nurnberg to Moosberg.I am particularly interested in one man Gale W. Cleven (0-399782) or  Dale W. "Buck" Cleven. He was returned to duty and to England. This gentleman and many others escaped while being forced marched, and I suspect found Allied lines where they were liberated and returned to duty in England. Does any one know how to access information about this man and other POWs that escaped?


      I am now in contact with people well-versed on Escape and Evadees. Most of what they post is information on folks that were either moved through the Possum or Comet lines over the Pyrenees. Thank you for your help.