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    Death, burial in 1833, Georgia, USA


      I am looking for death and burial records for Dorothea Orrie Farrar Paul, who died in 1833 Georgia. She was the wife of Rev. Moses Paul and the daughter of Absalom Farrar and Phoebe Mildred Avary. I am hoping for the location of original documents or Bible records. One undocumented source says her death took place in Jones County. I believe she died in the county where her husband was working as a Baptist Minister.

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          Claire Kluskens Scout

          Statewide registration of deaths in Georgia began in 1919. Documenting deaths before that date can be challenging. If you are lucky, you may find a gravestone, if the family could afford one; a mention in a newspaper, iff the family was prominent enough and there was a newspaper in the area; or, less likely, in probate records if she herself held property (such as slaves). Various local and state repositories have collected family Bibles that have been donated to them, but locating a specific family's Bible can be time consuming.

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            Hi Michelle -


            Mrs. Paul's father can be found on FindAGrave.com here. It mentions his daughter and that she married a "Paul," but nothing more than that. However, I was able to locate a family history book. While you may have to buy the book to read it, it looks like it has a mention of Mrs. Paul. It's possible from there you can trace more of her history.


            The book, Some Farrar's Island Descendants can be found on Google Books.


            I hope that helps!

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              I've seen the Farrar name associated with my Paul family.  They came from Northern Ireland to South Carolina in 1768 and some moved on to Henry Co., Georgia. and Texas.  I only found History Hub today and saw your posting so I'm not sure at this point if we can contact each other directly.