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    Why are there no slave manifests for the years 1860-1865?


      The people I'm researching were moved from Virginia to Alabama between those years and I'm pretty sure they were relocated by ship. Why do the slave manifests stop at 1860 when the civil war didn't end until the middle of 1865?

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          The United States Congress outlawed the importation of slaves effective on January 1, 1808 (2 Stat. 4260); and declared it to be piracy and punishable by death in 1820 (3 Stat. 600-601), but  unimpaired rights to buy and sell slaves remained in place to transport them from one slave state to another slave state.


          Several basic factors lead to slave manifests not being created in the Civil War era:


          • Pre-war events; start of the Civil War in April 1861; & military war preparations.
          • Commercial shipping endeavors were significantly impacted for the duration of the war, particularly in the South.
          • Issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln freeing slaves in those states in rebellion.
          • Destruction of the South’s infrastructure during the war, especially its transportation systems.
          • The Confederacy collapsing and the ending of the war in April 1865.
          • Abolition of slavery under the 13th Amendment, and four million slaves were freed.


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