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    German language review needed


      Hello, Crowd! I've been working my way through the Mary Church Terrell papers (a mix of my own transcriptions from handwriting, and following behind others, including the prolific Henry Rosenberg


      I just stumbled across a German language letter in very neat, modern handwriting. Someone had taken a stab at it, but was unfamiliar with German and with European-style cursive. I've re-transcribed it, and submitted it for review: https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/mary-church-terrell-advocate-for-african-americans-and-women/letters-between-friends-allies-and-others/mss425490050/mss425490050-51/ (I've also transcribed the other side of that page, but not the next page in the shot yet).


      Long story short, I figured I'd start a German Thread here so that people who read German can share links back and forth for targeted reviewing.


      Full disclosure: my German and my paleography are good enough to transcribe fluent German in neat modern handwriting, but I'm not up to transcribing the beginner's German in old-style handwriting the MCT used in her travel journals.