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    Missing 1920 census sheets


      The copy of the 1920 Census that I have available to me (through Anchestry.com) is missing several pages.  Is there a record of loss of these pages, or did they just not get imaged and indexed? If the first three sheets exist, how do I get copies to use?  I’m working on a small town history project and the missing names represent over 10% of the town’s families in 1920.  I checked neighboring townships and villages thinking that they might have be included with the wrong group, but could not find them.  I did notice that Woodruff is also missing the first several sheets.


      Fourteenth Census of the United States: 1920-Population

      State: Wisconsin

      County: Oneida

      Township: Three Lakes Township

      Enumerator: J. A. McDonald

      Supervisor’s District No.: 10

      Enumeration District No.: 134


      Missing sheets: 1A&B, 2A&B, 3A&B – Contains families 1-24