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    Transcribing typewritten typos

    judith yellen Adventurer

      I've been transcribing typewritten speeches by Mary Church Terrell and am finding typos such as "natin" for nation,  "Volored"  for Colored, and an occasional omitted space such as "amonth."  Should I correct such obvious typos?

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          Spelling, grammar, punctuation, word order, long s, page numbers:

          Preserve original spelling, punctuation, grammar, word order, and any page numbers or catalog letters or numbers. Do not paraphrase the original text, just type what you see. Some historical handwriting uses the "long s" form, which looks like a lowercase "f". Transcribe this as a lowercase "s". Some writers use an equals sign as a dash or to add emphasis. You can use an equals sign to represent this feature. Dashes and other punctuation can be a little unusual in the early twentieth century and earlier, so just make your best guess on whether something is an en dash, em dash, period or something else.

          If a misspelling will impact the searchability of the document, use a tag to add the correct spelling. Only registered users can add tags and review documents, so create an account if you'd like to do either of those activities.

          • Example: An author wrote “Ace Blinckin” instead of “Abe Lincoln”. Transcribe Ace Blinckin, and tag “Abe Lincoln”.