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    Seeking 1865 U.S. Court-Martial & Execution records for Confederate

    Grace Yuhasz Adventurer

      Where do I look for U.S. Civil War Court-Martial & execution records for a 1865 Kentucky guerrilla?  I wish to locate what I’ll call the actual case files, i.e. trial papers, witness testimony, etc.


      Enoch J. Downs had been a Confederate POW and signed an oath of allegiance to the U.S. which he then violated.  When caught again, he was considered a guerilla fighter.  Downs was condemned to death by U.S. Sentence of Military Commission and hanged on April 6, 1865 in Louisville, Kentucky.  


      The charges and execution order were printed in newspapers. They stated:

      - The Military Commission was at HQ Dept of Kentucky in Louisville.  Its president was Brig. Gen. Whitaker.

      - The execution was by order of Maj. Gen. J. M. Palmer and possibly was signed by J.Bates Dickson, Capt & A.A.G.


      So, where does one look for a U.S. Army Civil War Court-martial case file for a non-U.S. Army person?


      Thank you!