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    Seeking Jan/Johan Hakansson from Hamburg to New York in 1866


      Seeking the Ship name that Jan/Johan Hakansson and family from Sweden immigrated on from Hamburg to New York in 1866. 8/20/13 Hamburg Passenger Lists were updated and found our family of four Hakanson’s on a ship named Grimsby. They apparently went from Grasmark, Varmlands to Stockholm then to Hull England, Liverpool England and then to New York. But did not indicate Hamburg. So on this ship they were not Moberg. On 8/29/13 an email from Ancestry.com gave free access to Immigration and Travel Records. I found the ship (ship type: Dampfschiff means steamship) that Jan, Catharine, August and Johan emigrated on. All four by the name of Hakanson (one s). The name of the ship on the Ancestry record was said to be Grimsby. The view of the original manifest had Grimsby written in long hand on it and the Capt was Toogood. Ancestry also has the name of the shipping clerk (George Hirschmann & Co.) and stops in Hull & Liverpool. I searched for that ship in Hamburg and in New York but did not find it anywhere. It is used in conjunction with many ships and a Port in England. All we now know is aboard this ship they were not Moberg. I found a feeder ship named Grimsby. Ships from Liverpool to NY in 1866 included those named City of London, Paris, & New York.