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    Seeking Info on Dad on USS Midway & USS DeLong


      In talking with my mom, I found out that my dad enlisted in the U.S. Navy at age 17 in 1945 (birthday Jan. 16th). Mom says he was shipped out on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Midway that year on orders of President Roosevelt. It had to be the 1st quarter of 1945 since Roosevelt died in April that year. Don't know if it could have somehow been in support of the Battle of the Bulge, or maybe the bombing of Dresden? No clue. I'm trying to nail down what this particular USS Midway deployment was.


      Also, I know my dad served in the Korean War, but I don't know on what ship(s) and I'm trying to ascertain that activity as well. After over 40 years, I received the tri-fold flag that was on my father's casket from my mom, and I want to frame it and mount a plaque inside. I can supply details on his name, final rank, and where he was stationed in the US Naval Reserves at the time of his passing (Fort Schuyler). Can anyone help?


      I was able to establish that one event is actually the 'Berlin Crisis' and that was from 1960-1961. My father served on a Destroyer Escort - the U.S.S DeLong - during that campaign. I'm still struggling with how to find out details on his participation in the Korean War.