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    Seeking information on Captain Brooke Dolan II


      Trying to get an IDPF for Capt. Brooke Dolan II... No luck in St. Louis... Is there a way to get this online or should I go through Golden Arrow Research?



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          Elliot Schneider Ranger

          Hello Jim,


          Here is some information I found hope this help. Yo can take additional information and request his military file from The NPRC in St. Louis, but he may not have been issued a final discharge paper if he was KIA. Not entirely sure if they issued individuals final discharge papers if they were KIA. They may have done seperate LOD file.




          Elliot Schneider


          interment record

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            Jim - Go to this link:




            Scroll down to (almost) bottom of page - email for IDPF's

            You'll need to put in     FOIA REQUEST in header.

            They only have records for 40 years - if before then, email me:  bruceswander@hotmail.com

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              Rebecca Collier Ranger

              Dear Mr. Wright,


              Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


              We searched the National Archives Catalog and located the World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel, 6/1946 - 6/1946 for Pennsylvania. On p. 87, there is a reference to Captain Brooke Dolan (ASN 0-901154) that indicates that he died, non-battle (DNB). This designation was used for “other line-of-duty deaths, such as sickness, homicide, suicide or accidents outside of combat areas (including training and manuever deaths).”

              According to the U.S. National Cemetery Interment Control Form, his date of death was 19 September 1945 and date of interment was 24 January 1949 at the U.S. National Cemetery of the Pacific.


              There should be an IDPF unless he might have been missing for a while. For information regarding prisoners of war and U.S. servicemen missing during WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, and other conflicts, we suggest you contact the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA), Public Affairs Office, 2300 Defense Pentagon, ATTN: External Affairs, Washington DC 20301-2300. The web site is https://www.dpaa.mil/


              We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


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                Holly Rivet Tracker

                Hello Mr. Wright,


                Thank you for posting your question to the History Hub!


                You may begin an inquiry by submitting a completed SF-180 to the National Archives at St. Louis.


                National Archives - St. Louis

                ATTN: RL-SL

                P.O. Box 38757

                St. Louis, MO





                We hope this information has been helpful!

                Holly Rivet

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                  I have come across some info from Chinese media on Capt Brooke Dolan II.

                  He joined the Dixie Mission and was part of 3 man team to observe local resistance force in the Hubei Province, which was still under Japanese Army control. 



                  In Mid-Jan 1945, (one account place it on Jan 21) he visited a small village called Bianguancun in Renqiu (which is about 50-60 miles south of Beijing) to observe the local Guerrilla Warfare via tunnels.  However, Dolan was 6'2'', much taller than the local population, he was seen by someone cooperating with the Japanese occupation and reported to the Japanese Army, who attacked the village next day at dawn, around 5 AM.



                  Dolan and the guerrilla force retreated into the tunnels, as well as some family members of the local militia, including wife and 8-month old son of the local militia commander, Hongliang Wei.  There were two accounts of the event follows.  In the haste, either the notebook or the Camera of Dolan were left behind during the retreat, which was found by the Japanese soldiers.  Since that is not something local villagers could own, the attacker confirms the presence of a US military officer.  The owner of the house, an elderly lady was badly beaten by the Japanese interrogator, and one account said 4 of her fingers were cut off. 
                  One account says the attackers found the entrance of the tunnel but did not dare to enter themselves, they attempted to pour water into the tunnel to force people out, the other account says the Japanese Army could not find the entrance, they attempt to dig out the area surrounding the house to expose the tunnels, and found a different section of the tunnel, and was attempting to smoke them out.   That is when this picture was taken by a liaison officer Shaohua Shi, who was accompanying Dolan.


                  Other resistance forces rushed to their rescue and forced the Japanese Army to retreat, and Dolan was soon transferred back to Yanan and then Chongqing. Japan surrendered on Aug 15, 1945.