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    Seeking list of Half-Breed members

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      In 1858 Saswe signed as “E-ha-we-cha-sha” (Hinhan Wicasa, “Owl man”) on the Yankton Treaty. When visiting Washington in 1867 with Struck-by-the-Ree, he received government recognition as “Chief of the Yankton half-breed band”. About 1858 this band had been organized by agency leaders and was called the wasicu cinca (“white man’s sons” or “half-breed band”) or “8th band” of the Yanktons. Philip J. Deloria (Tipi Sapa) (Wasichun-Chincha, White Men's Sons, or 'Half-Breed' band)

      The Half-Breed band was created at the Yankton Reservation in the 1860s. It was originally led by Frank Deloria (Saswe)
      — at 1867Who were the members of this band?

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          Tribal bands are usually very distinguishable and carry through the years. With the dates you mentioned, all one might find is the new chief’s name, in the correspondence collections from the Dakota Superintendency, 1861-1878 with gaps, and the Commissioner in DC. These have all been microfilmed and organized chronologically.


          Lists of people do not show up in censuses until around 1885 onward. The National Archives at Kansas City has a volume that starts in 1878. You may contact the Kansas City Archives via email at kansascity.archives@nara.gov.


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