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    Seeking Immigration and/or Arrival Papers for Christian H. Johannessen


      Is there a way to find the Immigration Papers, and/or Arrival Papers for my Great-Grandfather, Christian H. Johannessen without having to pay Ancestry.com's Division FOLD 3.Annual Fee of $79.95?


      They provided the following information:

      • Petitions and Records of Naturalizations of the U.S. District and Circuit Courts of the District of Massachusetts, 1906-1929  Publisher: NARA  National Archives Catalog ID: 595176  National Archives Catalog Title: Petitions and Records of naturalization, compiled 12/1790 - 02/1970  Record Group: 21  State: Massachusetts  Short Description: NARA M1368.
      • Petitions and records of Naturalizations of the U.S. District and Circuit courts of the District of Massachusetts, 1906-1929.  Roll: 164  Roll Description: ENTER  Court: U.S. District Court  Date of Court Document: 21 Dec 1922  Immigrant Full Name: Christian H Johannessen  Document Type: Certificate of Arrival  Home Country: Norway  First Witness's name: [Blank]  Second Witness's name: [Blank]  Year Immigrated: 1912  Original Data From THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES:.

      In order for me to see or access any actual papers, they require an annual fee of $79.95. Can I access this via the Internet on my own? How do I locate accurate documents and images of these documents?


      Thank you!

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          Desiree Wallen Wayfarer

          Hi Kris,


          There is good news in that the images for M1368 are now available on the Catalog for free, thanks to a collaborative effort by NARA and Fold3. You can go to the link for the Catalog (catalog.archives.gov), search for the Catalog ID, and it should be the first link that pops up.


          In this instance, the "Petitions and Records of Naturalization, 1790 to 1991" series from the District of Massachusetts can be found here: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/595176


          However, you can also search the Catalog for the name you are looking for, and if the images are on the Catalog, it might come up right away. Here are the arrival papers for Christian H. Johannessen: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/59261710


          Of course, if you want a copy or scan of the original document, you can contact the National Archives at Boston by calling 866-406-2379 or emailing boston.archives@nara.gov. Copies and scans of naturalization documents are $10.00.




          Desiree Wallen

          National Archives at Atlanta