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    Was Winnie Hunt Parker a Cherokee or Creek Indian?


      I have been told on ancestry that Winnie Hunt Parker was Cherokee or Creek Indian, but both nations don't have her in their rolls. She was born in 1797 in Georgia and later moved to Alabama with her husband John Parker. She is mentioned as being the first Native American teacher at Elim Baptist Church in Conecuh County, AL. Since she dies in 1851, that maybe why she might not be on the rolls? She is on the census reports as white.


      My 4th great grandmother in the direct line were some say online she is Creek Indian from Alabama. Does anyone have information on  JOHN DENNIS PARKER marrying Narcises PEBBLES who is related in Claimant of Indian 1973 act?

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          The common Dawes-era rolls typically referred to for membership purposes and would not include your 4th great-grandmother as they were all created at the end of the 19th and early 20th century, decades after her death. There is a Chapman roll taken of Cherokee east of the Mississippi in 1851 to comply with the 1835 treaty, but that was close to her date of death.


          The National Archives in Washington D.C. has Cherokee removal records dating back to 1817, ledgers of those who wanted to stay, those who left, and those who were removed in the ensuing decades. The Creek removal did not really start until the early 1830’s.


          The Cherokee and the bands that made up the Creek were a large presence with decades of intermarrying in American’s early years and perhaps your great-grandmother is part of this story.


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            John Dennis Parker and Narcissus are my 3rd Ggrandparents. They are both buried at Elim Cemetery in Roberts, Alabama near Brewton. I don’t have much info on them though.