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    What if I cannot make out a word


      I would like to start transcribing.  However, after looking at some notes, there is a word or two I cannot transcribe since it is illegible.  What do I do then?

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          Hi Susan,


          Welcome to the project. Here's a full list of instructions, including what to do when you can't transcribe a word: https://crowd.loc.gov/help-center/.


          This is the part about illegible text:


          Illegible or unclear text:

          Illegible text is anything you can’t read because a page is damaged, text is heavily crossed out or because you can’t tell what the author has written. If there is a word or a string of words you cannot read use a pair of square brackets around a question mark [?]. Example:

          • "I have [?] loved coffee ice cream"

          If you can read any letters or parts of words transcribe what you can and use question marks for the remaining letters or words. Examples:

          • "I have [a?????] loved coffee ice cream"

          If you cannot read a word or phrase that’s ok. Another volunteer may be able to identify the missing letters and update your transcription. If there is a lot of text you cannot read consider saving your transcription and looking for another page that you can decipher better.



          Victoria, Community Manager