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    What military records (~1860's) can I get with a definitive date of death?


      Hello All!


      I'm trying to determine if my 4th GGF served in the Civil War, possibly in the Army and/or the Navy.  I have been researching records for a few years but I am unable to find the 'Ah-Ha!' record that links him to his reported naval/military service.  My question:  What is the best method of proving/disproving military service with approximate year of birth and definitive date of death?  What records can/should I request?


      Definitive background and person I'm researching:

           George Hunt

           Born: ~ 1842               Ireland

           Died: 12 Nov 1881     New York City

           - Emigrated from Ireland and arrived in USA in 1860 (at 18 years of age)

           - Is buried in an unmarked grave in NYC (Calvary Cemetery).  Visited personally with confirmed burial records.  No mention of being a vet.


      Family Stories and Rumors...

      • Fought in the Civil War (Union) after enlisting in 'Red Hook', NY (most likely Redhook part of Brooklyn)
      • Was reportedly captured and sent to a southern prison camp.
      • Continued a naval career and became a 'master welder' (Engineer)
      • My GF was a career Navy man and was proud of this history, so I tend to believe that some of it is true.


      I've searched through multiple records... Widow certs, Prisoner of War, NY Musters... There are multiple George Hunts, some fit, but I can't nail down a definitive record.  The only record I am sort of sure about is a Naval Rendezvous record (discussed here: Deciphering US Navy Enlistment Rendezvous Ratings 1866 ) but again, can't be 100% sure.


      Can anyone give some general advice how to proceed?  I'd love to be able to rule him in OR out of a military career.


      Thanks for any input!