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    Gunnison Massacre 1853


      I'm researching the Gunnison Massacre that occurred on October 26, 1853 on the Sevier River near Delta Utah. Captain John Williams Gunnison, artist Richard Kern, botanist Frederick Kreuzfeldt (Creuzfeldt), Mormon Guide William Potter, camp roustabout John Bellows and US Army Dragoon Privates Liptoote (Liptrott, Lipcott, etc.), Mehreens (Mereens), Caulfield (Calfield) all were killed by a surprise Indian attack. Four soldiers escaped, including a Corporal Baker.


      I've been able to find considerable information on Captain Gunnison, Richard Kern and Kreuzfeldt, but hardly anything about the others, including the survivors. I'm a member of the Gunnison County Historical Preservation Commission, and a volunteer at our awesome 32 building museum complex, and am preparing a book, presentations, and hopefully a new memorial to the fallen men. Thanks, Larry