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    Was there a Dulag Luft-East POW Camp?




      You mentioned "Dulag Luft-West" in this post (Re: WWII POW camp for TSGT Edgar W. Stoelting captured 31 Dec, 1944.  Repatriation card does not show his camp. ).  Was there an "East" location for downed airmen?  Thank you.

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          Elliot Schneider Pioneer



          Look at the MACR Report He was capture in Dec 1944 in Hamlen, Please see report of downed plane.



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            Hope this information helps


            Elliot Schneider

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              Val Burgess Wayfarer

              Justin Burke,

              Below are two links to the Stalag Luft IV rosters. I also have a printed roster from a man held there that. That particular roster was completed closer to the time of their inprisonment. Give me some time and I will look for Steeling, and will then get back to you.


              You may know that some of these men, from Luft IV, were first held at Stalag Luft VI at Heydekrug, Memelland. With the incoming Russian front, the men were taken to the port of Memel then transported via the merchant ship Insterburg for a hellish journey to Swinemunde. The men then faced a force march to Keifheide, with POWs bayoneted or shot before they reached Stalag Luft IV at Gros Tychow. 


              Below are links to rosters. I am uncertain if they are 100% accurate. With my research in both the Pacific and European theaters, it is tough to know if the information is comprehensive.   

              Val Burgess





              I have rosters for the three American compounds at the main camp at Stalag Luft III-South, Center and West. North and East held Commonwealth prisoners, although I know there were Americans within their ranks as I have interviewed a few. I will contact some friend to see if I can get rosters for these two compounds. 


              Also there was another camp that is considered by the prisoners to be part of Luft III. Bellaria, as it was called, was miles away. I am told it held belligerents, folks that caused trouble. I do not have a roster for that camp, but again I do have friends that may have that information so will contact them.


              I hope this is helpful.

              Val Burgess

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                Rebecca Collier Ranger

                Dear Mr. Burke,


                Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


                In a Military Intelligence Service report on American Prisoners of War in Germany, a description is included for the Dulag Lufts and for Hohemark Hospital. To receive a copy of the report, please contact the National Archives at College Park - Textual Reference (RDT2) via email at archives2reference@nara.gov.


                We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your research!  


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