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    1847 New York Ship Manifest for Jakob Jaeckle




      I am searching for a ship manifest or record and the ship's name that departed England and arrived in New York in April or May 1847. Jakob Jaeckle (Jakle / Jaekle?) and his family listed below emigrated from Schwenningen, Germany in 1847, eventually boarding a ship that left England - some have said from London, but I'm wondering if it might have been from Liverpool or another port?


      • Per Jacob Jackley's 1860 naturalization document, he stated that he arrived in New York May 28, 1847. (Jakob Jaeckle changed his name to Jacob Jackley not long after he arrived in the U.S.)
      • Another researcher stated that the group arrived April 28, 1847, but does not have the ship's manifest or record.


      Jakob Jaeckle and his family:

      • Jakob Jaeckle (Jaekle / Jakle?) born 10 December 1809, Schwenningen, Germany
      • Maria Jaeckle (nee Jauch), wife, born 2 March 1812, Schwenningen, Germany
      • Ursula Jaeckle, daughter, born 23 October 1835, Schwenningen, Germany
      • Johannes Jaeckle, son, born 15 June 1839, Schwenningen, Germany
      • Jakob Jaeckle, son, born 10 January 1842m Schwenningen, Germany
      • Agnes Jaeckle, daughter, born 13 December 1843
      • Christian Jaeckle, son, born 2 December 1846, Schwenningen, Germany


      Would you please let me know if the manifest or record exists and how I might obtain a copy of the document(s)? Thank you!

      - Christy