Homestead patent conflict with railroad grant

I have a homestead patent file for 160 acres in Southern Oregon that notes the final application approval was held up for over a year due to a conflict with the 1866 O&CRR grant. There is one letter in the file from the local land office to the GLO in Washington, D.C., mentioning the patent was delayed due to this conflict, notification was given to all parties, and no appeal was received. The patent was ultimately awarded to the applicant in 1884.

If there is additional correspondence/documentation regarding the conflict with the grant location lines and this patent, would it be best to check in 49.3.7 Records of Division "F" (Railroads, Rights-of-Way, and Reclamation Division)? 


    Thank you for submitting your question to the History Hub!

    There are many series within RG 49 that might contain correspondence related to your question. A few of these are at our Washington, DC facility:

    Correspondence and Related Records Concerning Land Grant Railroad, Wagon Road, and Canal Companies, 1829–1939 (UD 553)

    Letters Sent Relating to Railroad Grants and Rights-of-Way, May 10, 1856–March 13, 1890 (UD 534)

    Another related series is held by our NARA facility in College Park, MD:

    Railroad Packages, 1849–1901 (A1 598)

    Each of these records series require onsite research, as they are not digitized. If you would like to learn more about our holdings related to land and railroads, you can consult the NARA publication The Trans-Mississippi West 1804-1912, Part IV, A Guide to Records of the Department of the Interior for the Territorial Period, Section 3: Records of the General Land Office, which is available online from multiple sources.

    I wish you all the best with your research!


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