I'm looking for a building that was called the Washington Bld, Washington DC, 1865

'm looking for a building that was called the Washington Bld. The description I have in1865 for the business is 316 Pennsylvania Ave and 309 C street under the Washington Bldg near 7th Street. Anyone know where that is today?

  • Hi Jamie

    I did a Google search & there is an article on the building's many uses over the years with images


    "Completed circa 1864, the building is by far the oldest structure on the length of the avenue from the Capitol to the Treasury Building. A photo of the 1865 Civil War victory parade for the Union army shows the building in its original five-story Renaissance Revival form.

    Sitting at the eastern edge of downtown DC’s busy open-air market (which occupied the area that is now the Navy Memorial), the building had an enviable location. The first tenant of the Washington Building, as it was originally and somewhat unimaginatively called at first, was the Seaton Hotel."  [Navy Memorial is directly across the street from the Researcher's entrance at the National Archives)

    - I did a search in the paprers & thought I'd send these ads

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    Hope that helps.  There are other Mayhew records on Ancestry (often free access at local libraries)