How to find if may grandfather who died in Queens NY) was naturalized at his death in January 1, 1918

My grandfather died January 1, 1918 in Queens NYC.  He came to the US from Italy and im trying to find if he was naturalized at the time of his death.

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  • These are the items on a death certificate at that time and location:

    Place of Death, Full Name, Sex, Color or Race, Marital Status, Date of Birth, Age, Occupation, Birthplace, How long in US, How long in NYC, Name of Father, Birthplace of Father, Maiden Name of Mother, Birthplace of Mother, Date of Death, Certification, Place and Date of Burial, Undertaker's Name and Address.

    You can see his death certificate for free at the NYC Historical Vital Records site here:

    Would he be listed in the 1910 US Census? That should indicate whether he was naturalized or not.

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