When was my grandfather naturally. Lorenzo V Gasparro came 1919

Need to find out the date of his naturalization. He was born 1902. Came over 1919


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    The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has custody of historical naturalization records issued by federal courts in the United States. These records are held at different NARA research facilities, depending on the state in which the court is located. For example, the National Archives in Washington, DC, only has historical naturalization records issued by federal courts in the District of Columbia prior to the 1980s. Please note that there is no central index to NARA's naturalization records.
    If you know the federal court that issued Walter Charles Mucci's naturalization records, you can contact the NARA research facility that has records of that court to request a search for the record. In your request, please make sure to include the following information:
    • name of petitioner (including known variants);
    • date of birth;
    • approximate date of entry to the US;
    • approximate date of naturalization;
    • where the individual was residing at the time of naturalization (city/county/state);
    • and country of origin
    Please see NARA's Naturalization Records page for more information about the records and NARA's Court Records page for a list of NARA research facilities to contact.
    However, if you do not know where he was naturalized, you might consider contacting the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Genealogy Program. The USCIS has exclusive authority over matters concerning citizenship records after 1906, and their Genealogy Program has Certificate Files that document naturalizations from September 27, 1906, to March 31, 1956. For more information about the USCIS Genealogy Program and the services they offer, please see their Genealogy Records Help page.
    Archives 1 Reference Branch (RR1R)


  • We realize we made an error with our response above. The information remains the same, but we included the name of a different individual, not your grandfather's (Lorenzo V. Gasparro). We apologize for the mistake!

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