Seeking SS Kronprinz Wilhelm passenger list for departure from Hamburg, Germany and arrival in NYC on April 22, 1902.

I am looking for the passenger list for the SS Kronprinz Wilhelm for departure from Hamburg, Germany and arrival in NYC on April 22, 1902. It is not linked on I am looking for my Great Grandfather's name Lars Larsen (age 40) with wife Carrie (age 34) and 5 children and a mother (also Carrie age 81).

  • The Kronprinz Wilhelm arrived in NYC on 2 April & 29 Apr 1902.  Both trips for this ship began in Bremen & Southhampton, not Hamburg.  I did not find anyone named Larsen on either ship.  Best I can tell with the limited information that you gave, this is the index to his 1942 naturalization record, which states that his name was Lars Wilhemsen at the time of his arrival. This information did not help me find their arrival.

  • Thank you for your response and looking into this. Where does one find the actual passenger list of the Kronprinz Wilhelm? I wanted the passenger list to trace who was on board with the family. I can not find the passenger list.

    I believe the name on the card is not correct, as per the 1910 Census, Lars could not read or write so who ever took in the information in New York, may have misunderstood. I believe his name was Lars Vilhelm Larsen (born March 14, 1862 in Denmark). I believe Lars Vilhelm Larsen simply changed his name to Louis V. Larsen, per the 'court order'. I believe Louis V. Larsen is the son of Lars Larsen (born ???)  and Caroline (or some derivative) Larsen (with an unknown maiden name), born in 1824. 

    The 'Arrival' date of April 22, 1902 is reiterated on the Naturalization paperwork of Lars son, Laurence Peter Larsen (10 years old in 1902 and could read and write). His naturalization record (from Texas, attached) states the family traveled on the Kronprinz Wilhelm, from Hamburg Germany, and arrived in New Yorke Port on April 22, 1902. Lawrence Peter Larsen went on to become a prominent builder/architect of Theaters across the united states, mostly in the Midwest. He died in 1950 (born May 25, 1892 in Kopenhagen, Denmark) in Webb City, Missouri from a brain aneurysm at the age of 57.

    I can not trace my roots back beyond Carrie Larsen (born in 1824 in Denmark). The 1910 Federal Census shows Lars (Louis V Larsen), his wife Carrie, their 5 children (Lawrence Peter, Cora R, Henry, Gertrude, Herbert Richard), and his mother Carrie Larsen (85 yrs old and a widow) all arrived from Denmark in 1902. Her gravestone in WI says Carrie Larsen 1924 - 1916, no actual birth day or month. That is it. The 1910 Census shows she had 7 children, 5 lived, Lars Vilhelm Larsen is one of her 5 children. Who was the husband/father? The vast majority of Larsens in Denmark were named 'Lars'. Many women were name Carrie or a derivative or someone's first name followed by 'datter'; i.e. Pedersdatter for Peter's daughter. 

    Even trying to trace Lars Vilhelm Larsen's wife's family (Carrie M) is difficult as we are unsure of her actual maiden name and where in Denmark (what parish and county) she lived in. The name on her gravestone says Carrie M. Larsen (born Jan 16, 1868). On she is listed as Carrie M. Mortensen. However, two of her children who have marriage certificates on Ancestry list different 'maiden' names for Carrie on their marriage certificates; Henry Larsen listed Carrie Mortensen and Cora R Larsen listed Carrie Christiansen.

    Thank you for any help you can provide. I am leaving for Denmark tomorrow for a vacation and really wanted to find the Parishes my family came from. I have been an this for months with only dead ends and guesses, given the commonness of the family names in Denmark. 

    Kind regards, Lynda Hartman 

    Note: Arthur H. Larsen is my grandfather, son of Louis V. Larsen and Carrie M. Larsen. Arthur was born in Oshkosh WI, and is 2 years old in the WI 1910 Census. He died when I was in my 20's so there is no one left to answer questions. 

  • Linda, Just a short note.  The U.S. immigration/naturalization laws changed in late April 1906.  If a person preparing their Petition for Naturalization had their ship arrived after that date, then their arrival information was verified by naturalization clerks.  If the ship arrived before 1906, as is your case, they were not required to verify the information.  They could have come in a different year, different port, different ship name.  The Declaration as far as I know was not checked by authorities for accuracy.   I'll see what if Susanna follows up with your new information before I look further into your information.   

  • The family did emigrate with the surname Vilhelmsen.  This is the emigration record showing a departure from date of 4 Apr 1902.  This gives their Danish given names, place of birth & last residence, which should help with your research in Denmark.  the column heading are: emigrant's full name, occupation, place of birth and last place of residence (if it is different from the place of birth), age, place of destination, number of document & date presented.

  • This is the baptismal record in the city of Kobenhavn of Holger Richard Vilhelmsen, the youngest child born in Denmark of Lars Vilhelmsen & Karen Mortensen.  In the US he was known as Herbert Richard Larsen.

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