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  • I am searching for my grandparents naturalization records. They entered the U.S.A. from Italy in the early 1900's
  • Hi Joel,

    I Searched the Erie County New York data base because my grandparents eventually settled in Alden, NY. I am not exactly sure where my grandfather initially lived or who sponsored him. I believe my grandmother's brother may have been his sponsor. My grandmother came several years later with her mother and eventually married my grandfather. My grandfather arrived in the USA in 1909. 

    My grandfather Vespasiano Vito Lorenzi was born in Gorga, Italy on 02/05/1892 and died on 07/04/1976. My grandmother Teresa (nee Schiavi) Lorenzi was born in Gorga Italy on 06/01/1897 and died on 03/22/1981.

    Yes, I am seeking dual citizenship.  I would like to know when my grandparents became citizens of the USA. It is my understanding that it is a simpler process for me to become  an Italian citizen if my father was born before my grandfather was naturalized.  What if my grandfather was naturalized before my father was born and my grandmother was naturalized after my father's birth? Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


    Thomas V. Lorenzi 

  • There are many websites that discuss what is needed for dual citizenship.   I suggest you search on HistoryHub for the many questions and answers about dual citizenship and the certified copies of documents you will need.  I even think there is a website/social media group of people sharing information on this subject.

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