How to fid the name in US immigration records William Nash born UK 1800

"William" "Nash"

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  • I am curious as well to know if they were always in Nottingham. 

    In the June 1841 census, the family is living in Broad street, Nottingham (Parish of St Mary)
    William Nash sr (abt 40y, occupation: Tinman) was NOT born in Nottinghamshire cty, but apparently all the other family members were born in Nottinghamshire cty.
    Living with them are 2 young apprentices and also an an “Elizabeth Taylor” (abt 50y) … I’m wondering whether she could have been his (former) mother-in-law?


    Would there be any similar documents for the marriage of Ann Taylor and William Nash, and baptism certificate for Samuel and Hepsibah?

    FYI Hepsibah/ Hephzibah is “Elizabeth” on her (apparent) baptism document. I’m wondering whether both Elizabeths were named after their respective grandmothers and that Elizabeth #2 might have had “Hepsibah” as second name.

    1831 marriage document between an Ann Taylor and William Nash

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