Seeking passenger information for GGM

Seeking passenger list info for Anna Czirbusz.  Lived in Baltimore.  Father Joszef Czirbusz Mother Rozalia  Eperjesy.   

Baptism/birth. Jan 13 1885 (Satoraljaujhely,  Zemplen,  Magyarorszag) from.  Rudolf's naturalization papers say. that Annie/Anna was born in Erdo-Binye, Hungary,

Note:  1910 Census says speaks Bohemia (?) and that she came over (not from where or. specifics) in 1902.  There is a "P" in the column headed whether naturalized or alien next  to Anna's name.   I have no idea what port she left  from (GGF left from Bremen).  

My GGF (Rudolf). came over in 1903. per his naturalization papers.   I cannot find anything under naturalization for her, only him.      I am attaching the Baltimore census record and Rudolf's naturalization record, I believe the petition was filed in 1909.   

Is this a case of the putting the "P" next to wrong name?  Did women get naturalized with husbands?  

I would love to get more info on my GGM's trip over to the US.   

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