How do I find my grandfather's naturalization papers?

Ciao!  I am a single mom seeking to obtain my Italian Citizenship. In filling out the paperwork, I am stuck as to how to get some answers.  Can anyone help me find out my grandfather's naturalization date?  His name is Anthony Floramo and he was from Sicily, born 03Apr1897.  He moved to the US and lived in Easton PA.  He married Julia Wyjowkski (sp?).  I need his date of expatriation and date of naturalization. It also ask for where and date he got married, which I do not know.  Any help is appreciated.  I have been working on this for some time and am now trying to follow-through.  My father, Nicholas Anthony Floramo (his son), was born here in Pennsylvania, but is deceased and I cannot even locate his DOD and wedding information to my mom.  She has not been able to recall any of these answers.  Thanks so much for anyone's help. I did just order an Ancestry DNA kit, but not thinking it will have his naturalization info. which seems to be of the greatest importance.