passenger manifest for a polish ship arriving in 1938 from Poland

I am searching for a passenger manifest for a 1938 landing in Hoboken of the ship the Plisudsky.

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  • Paul,

    Some of the "NY" Ocean liners did indeed dock at Hoboken.  That is part of New York Harbor.  Those passengers in 3rd class went to Ellis Island for examination.  Relatives memories, even those who came over to the U.S. are often faulty.  I've gone through hundreds of records from applications for citizenship, and in a number of cases the immigrant put down the wrong port, the wrong ship, and the wrong date including the year.  If you want the research community here to help you, what is the name of your f-i-l?  Birth place and date..... where settled, who was he going to?  Coming along or with someon?