I'm looking for the Naturalization record for Leo Cekada

I'm looking for my Dad, Leo Cekada's Naturalization papers. His birth certificate is from Italy. Does anyone hav e a link where this document can be retrieved?

  • You are not showing some important information.  Is Leo his original name?  Does the certificate show birth date of Mar 1, 1942?  When did he immigrate to the U.S.?  Where did he settle?  Could he have come with his parents and they became citizens so he became a citizen (derivative citizenship) under their application?  Did he come alone to the U.S. or who did he come to?  What is his father's name and did he become a citizen if he came to the U.S.?

  • Leonardo Anton was his name in Europe. It was Leo with no middle name when he came here. He immigrated in 1952 with his parents and settled in Cleveland OH. His father is Joseph Cekada and I'm assuming he became a citizen.                        These documents are from my great grandfather who came before the family with his wife and children. 

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