What passenger carrying ships were sailing from Japan (Yokohama) to San Francisco in May/June 1877?

I am researching the travels of Julius Drewe in 1877. He circumnavigated the globe travelling from Liverpool to China and Japan via the Suez. From Japan to USA via a Pacific crossing, crossing the USA on the transcontinental train and finally sailing back to Liverpool from New York.

I have been able to establish the ships and routes he took up to Yokohama in May 1877.

He has left USA bound towards the end of the month or early June.

I am looking to initially establish what passenger carrying ships were operating between May 1877 and June 1877 with the intention to identifying which was the likely for him to be aboard, and potentially from there confirming this via passenger or port of entry lists if they exist given he arrived in San Francisco in June 1877 pre-dating a lot of their records.