How are people finding the name of the ship their ancestor came to New York on?

Adam Bohn, my great grandfather came to America in late 1800's, into New York harbor, from Germany. Where do I begin to look to find the name of the ship? Info. I have is, name, date of travel, and where he was born. Any info. would be appreciated!

  • Basically you have to look at passenger arrival lists. If they arrived 1892 or later, look for Ellis Island records. Prior to that the port of NYC was Castle Garden.
    You did not give any specific information about Adam Bohn (birth year, arrival date, place of birth, etc) so it is difficult do determine which Adam Bohn is the person you are looking for.
    I found 3 arrivals for Adam Bohn in the late 1800's:
    Adam Bohn, 38, farmer, from Dermbach, Prussia, headed to NY, arrived NY on SS Dresden 23 Aug 1892
    Adam Bohn, 5 or 6, from Bavaria, traveling with mother and several other children, arrived NY on SS Zeeland on 21 Oct 1882
    Adam Bohn, 17, shoemaker, arrived NY on SS Schiedam 26 May 1884
    There were 2 other Adam Bohns, who each were from Russia and were immigrating with their wife and children.

  • 15, January to 1847 Immenhaussen Darmstatd Germany ; Adam Bohn. I have seen it listed as "Bavaria" Germany

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