RE: I am looking for birth record (any confirmation) of my grandmother, Anna Mrozek and immigration record of her mother Apolonia Mrozek (nee: Piasta).

My grand-mother, Anna Mozek, was born about 1899 in USA. Her birth parents were Apolonia Mrozek (Nee: Piasta) and Franciszek Mrozek. Her mother Apolonia died early in USA. Franciszek Mrozek arrived to USA on April 7, 1912 (according to Ellis Island records) being still married. It may have been his second time arriving to USA. At some point, when his wife Apolonia died, he took Anna Mrozek (his back then young daughter) to Poland, where she was raised by immediate family. I do not know much about Apolonia Mrozek (nee: Piasta), but her family lived in Olszewka (Ostroleka) in Poland/Russia and Franciszek Mrozek resided also in Olszewka Poland/Russia. Is there immigration record of arrival to USA of Apolonia Mrozek (Piasta)? Any help, suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance. 


Teresa K.