naturalization information for Mary Byrwa of Buffalo, Erie, NY. Pet. 31869, Aug 22, 1939, 155-9

In the US Naturalization Record Indexes 17919-1992, Mary Byrwa, Pet. 31869, Aug 22, 1939, 155-9, is listed. What other information is available for my grandmother. Her residence at that time was Buffalo, Erie County, New York.

  • Rita, you need to get a copy of the Petition, which is part of the application for citizenship. You have the petition number and date probably of naturalization, and are ahead of the game.   Unfortunately, has such online petitions for the United States District Court: Western District of NY (where she was naturalized) stopping at 1938!!  You might inquire whether the National Archives branch that covers the area of interest has the original records.  Hopefully, others will offer suggestions as well here.