If I have the Hebrew names of some of my relatives and the places they were originally from, can I find out information about the family?

Is there a way to find the country a family originally was from if I have the family Hebrew names?

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  • I am not certain how much the Hebrew name will help, except in religious records. Civil records would have either the German/Russian/Lithuanian name or the Yiddish name. Lithuanian State Historical Archives:

    from their index to holdings in the archives: "Common Jewish Community Register & Jewish Civil Status Books"
    (Atstatymai) Births 1880-1939 record #1817/1/282
    There are also birth, marriage, & death records for various years in the 1920s from Taurage.
    I found a price list on the website, but since it was several pages long & I do not read Lithuanian, I do not know what they charge to do research.