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I would love suggestions in tracking down my 2nd great grandmother Syverine (Susan) Johannesdatter (Johnson) and her sister, Lina, who emigrated in the late 1880s (I suspect) from Naes, Norway.   I know that they had to be here by 1888 when Syverine when she married Karl Kristianssen.  

Syverine was born 10/17/1856 and Lina was born 8/210/1864.  Both settled in Stoughton and Madison, Wisconsin

Any suggestion would be great.


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  • I have searched the Norske Digital archive for Syverine and Lina with the given birth data without finding anything. This does not mean that they do not exist, but that the church books have not been transcribed. Naes or Næs, which is the Norwegian way of writing, is written today as Nes. There are many places with the name Nes. In my county alone, there are 4 places with the name Nes and a church with the name Nes church. All those born in Norway were entered in church registers under the date of birth. Baptism usually takes place 2-12 months after birth. Emigration lists were also kept in the church registers. On the immigration lists to the United States, it is often written where they come from. Sees that the ship Baltic is mentioned and 1883. Knowing an immigration date and boat one can find a departure date from Norway. The journey to the USA took place from different places in Norway. The first leg was by boat to Hull in England. From there train to Liverpool where they waited for the boat to the USA. Current forum in Norway can be " valg forum. Can help with this. Tarald

  • Thank you so much for looking and I will check that forum.   That is interesting in the paths that they took to get to the US.   My 2nd great grandmother has been a little bit of mystery.   

    Thanks again