Seeking immigration and naturalization papers of Anabolli Conforti

Hi! I am also looking for records of my family who came from Italy in 1907 on SS Roma through NYC. I have many records to find but have found many records that are same/similar but not getting anywhere. I was told during that time. There was mass immigration from Italy 5.5 million people approximately and between the language barrier and processing so many people and a lackluster work ethic in many of the people doing the recording there are many errors.

My great great grandfather came from Italy through New York City in 1907 on the SS Roma his name was Anabolli Conforti. However, in many records his name is spelled incredibly different, and in other records I see his name listed as James. I was told by someone in Washington DC that sometimes  immigrants would take Americanized names but that doesn't make sense to me. I found a record of both my great great grandparents on the SS Roma from 1907 but it was stamped 1933. My great great grandmother was Catherine Millazio. I have found those and also many records Catherine Millagio on Their birthdays are even more inconsistent. I originally found that my great great grandmother was born April 8, 1888, but I cannot confirm that.

Complicating matters my father passed about 10 years ago. I was never close to his family as my parents divorced. I have an uncle who has been doing a lot of research for many years but he moved from Washington DC to Wyoming about the same time of my father's death and I cannot reach him. Through my research I have found that there were five children from my great grandmother also sometimes listed as Caterina, which is not uncommon as that is the Italian version of Catherine.

they settled in Chicago Illinois and had 5 children: Frank, Bartolo, Margaret, Stephania and Angelina who was my grandmother. Again, I did not know them well, but my grandmother had my father and five other children. My father is the only one who has passed. The other children have no interest in learning about their heritage or Italy, which is some thing I have been trying to do often on through raising my four children. In fact, my aunt Mary had no idea there were five children. All of them had always been told there were only three.

My grandmother Angeline married in Chicago in May 1940 to my grandfather Robert Lee Daugherty. They had a son Robert then my father Patrick Timothy Daugherty in 1943. They moved to Hamilton County Cincinnati Ohio. They went on to have more kids Richard,Jerald ,Mary, and Michael.

I am trying to pursue dual citizenship through dissent. This requires me to have the original birth certificates of my great great grandfather, and my great great grandmother, both of whom were born in Italy. I also need their marriage license from Italy.

I then need their immigration record. I also need their naturalization record. I then need their death certificates and my understanding is both of them died in Chicago. Their daughters, Stefania and Margaret and their sons Bartolo died in Cook County Chicago Illinois, so I'm confident they died in Cook County. 

I also have to get my father's birth certificate, and I know he was born in Chicago. I need to get his death certificate, which is Montgomery County Tennessee specifically Clarkesville. I also have to get my mothers birth certificate in Ohio. I also need to get a divorce certificate itn Cincinnati Ohio. I have to go that because my father born in 1943 five year prior to the 1948 in Italy, were they amended requirement the right Pass on their lineage just as their husbands. Essentially 1948 equal rights type of act. I will have to convert all these records into Italian and then have an apostil for all records to give to the Italian consulate in charge of my area, which is Detroit Michigan.

Since Covid they no longer take phone calls, which is my primary way of getting any of the information I've gotten so far. I'll have to send this to them and I have to have it go before the court in Sicily, where they are from and prove there has been no broken line in our heritage. Great great great grandparents were born in Italy, my great great grandparents were born in Italy. My grandparents of Italian descent was born in Chicago although the entire family is telling me that she was born in Italy as well, but I cannot prove that. My father was born in Chicago five years too soon and trying to gather these records and then have them  prepped and translated and put together for a court in Italy is daunting to say the least. I've spoken to many law firms, and they want thousands of dollars to do this and I simply do not have that. 

How have you managed to get ACCURATE records? I would be happy to help you as I figure it out

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