How do I find my ancestors naturalization papers?

I am looking for my Great Uncle’s naturalization papers. He was naturalized either before, during or after his service in WWI. He came with his mother (his father was already here) from Sicily, to Rochester, NY.  Thank you!

  • Hi Susannah.  I am researching my grandfather’s information so that I can obtain my Italian citizenship.  I am impressed with the help you provided this poster.  Can you help me?  Anthony Floramo born in Sicily 03Apr1897. He passed away 13Nov1989 in Easton, PA. He moved to Easton, PA and married Julia.  I am hoping to find out specifically in Italy where he was born, when he expatriated and his naturalization to the US.  I also need his date of marriage and place of marriage.  I am not sure of my grandmother’s maiden name.  

  • Hello Alice,

    I am just reading this now in 2024 as I am attempting to determine my eligibility for Italian citizenship by descent. Since you were able to find some records, I am wondering if you could help me find my great grandparents’ naturalization records? My great grandfather was Sebastiano Colla and was born on 8 Aug 1896 in Sant’Elia, Sicily, and my great grandmother was Rosalia Tarantino and she was born in 1903 or 1904 in the same town in Sicily as Sebastiano. They both settled in Milwaukee, WI and would have lived there when they became U.S. citizens. I need to know for sure when they naturalized in order to learn if it was before or after my grandmother was born in 1924, because my understanding is that if they naturalized after she was born then I may be eligible for Italian citizenship since they would still have been Italian citizens at the time of my grandma’s birth. Any document findings or general advice for me in my search would be appreciated!