How do I find my ancestors naturalization papers?

I am looking for my Great Uncle’s naturalization papers. He was naturalized either before, during or after his service in WWI. He came with his mother (his father was already here) from Sicily, to Rochester, NY.  Thank you!

Parents Reply
  • Thank you, Susannah!  You have given me my Great Grandparents' marriage information and information on the birth of my Great Uncle and his marriage.  It makes sense that the above marriage certificate is dated after WWI, in which he participated.  One of the censuses indicated he was a naturalized citizen. I wish I remembered which one.  It must be him, since his mother is a Scialabba and his father is Antonio Lombardo, usually listed as Anthony, on the census.

    Great detective work, Susannah!  Now, if I can only find out where my Great Grandmother is from in Sicily!