Looking for Immigration Record between 1907-1916

I know my grandfather immigrated from Greece between 1907-1916, but I can't find his name (or similar spelling) on any ship manifest from Ellis Island or Boston Port.  Where do I look now?

  • Hi Nancy,

    It would help if we had some information on your target.  Full name and any variations, year of birth, birth place, where ended up in the U.S., naturalized (which petition/declaration should show means of entry), etc.?

  • Dear Nancy Cook,


    Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


    We suggest that you review the resources available on the NARA web page Immigrant Records at the National Archives. You may also find the Browse by Port of Entry page useful as it lists all of the series of passenger lists in the custody of the National Archives by location. It also indicates which series have been digitized and notes where the digitized records may be found online. Please be aware that not all records have been digitized. In that case, you will need to contact the National Archives facility where the records are held.


    For example, we searched the National Archives Catalog and located Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 6/16/1897 - 7/3/1957 (Microfilm Publication T715) in and the series Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Boston, Massachusetts, 1891-1943 (Microfilm Publication T843) the Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (Record Group 85) that may include the list you are seeking. For information about any non-digitized records in this series, please email the National Archives in Washington, DC - Textual Reference (RDT1) at archives1reference@nara.gov.


    You may experience a delay in receiving an initial acknowledgment as well as a substantive response to your reference request from RDT1. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience as we balance mission-critical work and the safety of our staff during the pandemic. Please check NARA’s web page about COVID-19 updates for the latest information.


    The records you seek may have been digitized and may be available online via Ancestry or Fold3. There may be a fee for using these services. Instead, please check for access at your local library as many library systems subscribe to these sites, making them free for their patrons. Also, some of the images from Ancestry are available for free on FamilySearch.


    Finally, if you have not come across this resource already, The Statue of Liberty—Ellis Island Foundation, Inc has an online searchable database of 65 million records of passengers arriving to the Port of New York from 1820 to 1957 that may include the person(s) you seek.


    We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!

  • Thanks for responding Joel!

    My grandfather is Konstantios Andros Petratos.  He was born January 16, 1893 in the village of Anogi on the island of Ithaka, Greece.  He followed after his brother, Christos Petratos who came to the US in 1907.  (I have found the ship manifest with his arrival).  I know he was in Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia area in 1916 when he married my grandmother, Nita Lee Bailey (on their wedding certificate her name is listed as Nettie).  They are listed in the 1920 Census in Lynchburg, Virginia along with his brother and his family. 

    I thought this was his arrival, but that's not his father's name and as far as I know he was not a baker.

    I've also attached a copy of his naturalization certificate.

    I appreciate your offer to help.




  • I believe this is his arrival (#24), even though the first name is Georgios or it is one of his brothers.  He was born in "Anozi" (Anogi?) and is headed to his brother, Christos, in Lynchburg VA.  He is on the SS Laura, that arrived in NY on 10 Nov 1910.  Ancestry.com - New York, U.S., Arriving Passenger and Crew Lists (including Castle Garden and Ellis Island), 1820-1957

  • Hi Susannah,

    Thanks for the reference, but I believe that is a cousin to my grandfather. The father's name in not my great great grandfather.

    Konstantinos' father's name is Andreas.

    How did you find the connection to Lynchburg? 

    Should I just look at all records from 1907 to 1916 for someone with the last name Petratos?  I realize the Ellis Island officials were doing the best they could with the spelling of immigrants' names.



  • Nancy,

    The certificate of naturalization you posted is of Charles Pattison.  Did your target change their name?  Certificates have little information but it should show where the Petition resides.  In order to become naturalized a person first after two years submitted a Declaration, and then three years later a Petition.  ***They will show how the person came to the United States***  especially in your case where naturalization occured after 1906 when the forms changed.  It should show the entry date, name of ship, port, etc.  You need to get either the Declaration or Petition and your mystery should be solved.  I suggest you find a book by Christina Schaefer titled "Guide to Naturalization Records of the United States" copyright 1997 that might help you, or hopefully someone on this HistoryHub once we clear up if the certificate you have is accurate can use it to help you.

  • Joel, thanks for the information. I will try to locate his Declaration or Petition. 

    My grandfather did change his name to Charles Pattison.  I always thought he changed it when he became an US citizen, but C. Pattison is listed on his marriage certificate (he married my grandmother in 1916 yet the certificate isn't recorded until 1919).

    Thanks again, Nancy

  • Hi Nancy,  I'm writing because my grandmother was a Petratos; her father (George, 1888-1944) was born in Cardiff to Theodore Petratos (1858-1916). Theodore emigrated from Ithaca to Cardiff. Theodore's father was Spero Petratos. This is pure conjecture, but I wonder if Konstantios Andros Petratos was a cousin or nephew of Theodore. 

    At the moment I'm writing on holiday from the island of Syros, and while talking about the Petratos family with the Greek family I stay with, Petratos is a reasonably common name meaning someone who does work with stone. However, as we're both related to Petratos's with links to Ithaca, I don't think it's too bold to suggest we're very distantly related. There are still relatives of mine with the Petratos surname in Cardiff. 

  • hello I'm working with your family member from cardiff, I've been doing is family tree and found this write up, his great grandmother was violet patratos daughter of Theodore and ellen, her brother s Alex, George, sister Ellen, fontina, brother William , he's looking for family members he is called micheal swaine his grandfather married violet patratos, thanks