The National Archives is pleased to announce that we have taken custody of key historical records related to immigration - the digitized World War II era Alien Registration (AR-2) forms and the Flexoline database that serves as an index to the AR-2 forms previously maintained by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  These Alien Registration (AR-2) forms are separate from the Alien Files (A-files)

We have updated the series description for the Flexoline Index Database and there is a new series description for the Alien Registration (AR-2) Forms in the National Archives Catalog.    

NARA’s Electronic Records Division provides reference services for electronic Flexoline Index entries and digitized AR-2 forms for individuals born over 100 years ago and for deceased individuals born less than 100 years ago (individuals born less than 100 years ago who are not deceased have privacy interests that are protected by FOIA Exemption (b)(6)).  

Please visit our webpage for more information about the records and on how to make requests.

These records include invaluable information on immigrants (noncitizens) living in the United States during the World War II era.  Thanks to the hard work of the team at USCIS and the staff in the Electronic Records Division for making this transfer happen and creating a process to provide access to these electronic resources.