Birth record search Duane H Purdy

Good afternoon,

I am trying to establish my genealogy in order to join the Daughters of the American Revolution.

I am specifically in search of my third great-grandfather's birth records.

His name is Duane H. Purdy, and he was born in 1828, in Manchester, Vermont. He was a Union Soldier during the Civil War with the 33rd Wisconsin Infantry. He was a musician/ drummer, and died in Vicksburg on August 10, 1863.

I am hoping to find a record of any kind showing that he is the child of Ira Purdy and Chloe Judson.

I have searched high and low on, and I just cannot seem to find anything that could serve as an official record to prove the bloodline.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Crystal Purdy-Newland

  • Thank you for posting your question to History Hub!

    This webpage, Documenting the Line contains very helpful advice on possible ways to obtain documentation of lineage, especially prior to the 1850 census. Check the section entitled Beyond Generation Four as it may be most applicable to your search.  It suggests checking the DAR database to see if a previous application was submitted for Duane H. Purdy by another descendant.  The Family History Library Catalog section may also be of interest to you, as it suggests trying to locate vital, probate, land and property, as well as church records which can also prove lineage.  Both sections provide additional links to databases to further assist you.

    Another possible option could be to request a copy of his military personnel record, as his enlistment papers will very likely show his parents’ names.  Service records for Army enlisted personnel who were separated from the service before November 1, 1912 ( and July 1, 1917 for officers) are held by the National Archives in Washington D.C.  You can contact them by email at  or visit their website for more information:

    We hope this helps in your research!