How to find the records for Sarah Drew, born Ireland 1820, died 1873 (but possibly not New York) and her New York relatives. Monument to her in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn NY, marked “our aunt”. Next to tomb of NASH, Elizabeth, 1872-1936, born Switzer dau

How to find the records for Sarah Drew, born Ireland 1820, died 1873 (but possibly not in New York) and her New York relatives. Monument to her in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn NY, marked “our aunt”. Next to tomb of NASH, Elizabeth, 1872-1936, born Switzer daughter of James Switzer (1840 Ireland-1925 New York) and Eliza Wray (lacking data).  James was the son of Jacob Switzer and Margaret Drew (lacking dates for both, but both born in Ireland died in NYC).

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  • Thank you immensely for your excellent and. exhaustive research. The Switzer siblings, children of Henry Switzer and Mary Drew are listed in exactly that order as living with Sarah Drew in NYC in the two 1870 census repots from January and July: Margaret, Sarah, George Maria, Charlotte. James Switzer baptised in Rathkaele is not listed. This James never married and stayed back in Courtmatrix with mom Mary, while her other younger children went to the states with, or to join up with, Mary's sister Sarah. I see from the arrival records you fond Sarah Drew (given as 28 years old) came to the US in 1862 with Maria, age 15, thus born in 1846/7. Sarah Drew was in the states for 7 years and died in 1873; this is 11 years later. I think many answers that people gave were incorrect – they didn't remember, or others answered for them who didn't' know exactly.

    With regard to the mystery couple, Jacob Switzer and Margaret Drew, a friend found for me this notice. It refers to a death certificate for Margaret Swtizer, wife of Jacob and mother of James, in the index to death certificates for New York, New York 1862-1948, no. 22400. I do not see how this could be in error. Our James could be the cousin of the James born in July 1840 in Courtmatrix, although also baptised with the same name and born in July 1840 as well. But probably not in Courtmatrix; Jacob and Margaret may have married and had their son in another county and we cannot find them in Limerick.  

    I have seen many errors in dates, and in ages in particular, some I know are wrong from my own family records. For example, one Ancestry report says that James Switzer married Elisabeth in 1873 when he was 53 years old, whereas it was when his daughter Elisabeth Switzer was born – she was my grand mother so I do know better!

  • No, Certificate #22400 is for James' death .. "Margaret" is supposedly the mother of the deceased:

    I am still quietly confident that this James was one of those many Switzer siblings ... Whoever filled in the DC most likely got the names wrong !!!

  • Hello! I now believe like you that there was only one James Switzer, and that some other records have contained errors . the son of James organised the burial of James with the undertaker. James would probably not know the first names of his grandparents who he had never seen; the only living sibling was Charlotte who was in California. There is no date of birth. Records like the family bible were back in Courtmatrix. the undertaker's signature says that son J. Switzer was responsible for J. Swtizer, while we know the son was George. When asked for first names of James's parents George gave what he thought but could to be sure. 

    I checked the passenger lists you mentioned for C Switzer, and Maria Switzer. In 1862 Maria Swtizer is listed with Sarah Drew – together this must be them.Sarah Drew is listed as in American for seven years – it was eleven years, most probably another mistake of the person recording. C.Switzer arrival in 1869 is probably Charlotte, the baby. 

    James may have been the hothead of the family and left at age 10 while the siblings stayed on the farm.  With a family member? A stowaway? I have found two boats that left Limerick port  (not impossibly fart  from Courtmatrix) one in 1850 The Bryan Abbs and one in 1851 The Victoria. Were any Switzer's on board?

  • Could this be the mystery mother Margaret? There is reference to a death certificate and burial place in Greenwood cemetery where the rest of the Drews, Switzer's and Nash are buried. Death certificate number 202361. She is too old to be a James sibling, but the right age to have a son born in 1840/1. There are James Switzer's galore who fought in the Civil War. A confusing proliferation. 

  • That 1875 DC:
    This Margaret had been in New York for 35 years and the address where she died was mentioned in the 1875 NYC directory as follows:
    Switzer Adam, Liquor, h 243 E. 109th
    FYI The couple Adam (a liquor dealer) and Margaret Switzer can be found in various census years

  • There are only a few Drews in the Rathkeale CoI records, so I threw the net out a bit further using some of the posible family names of  the Switzer siblings (e.g. Ralph, George). Because the Drew name plays a big part in the Switzer family, I stayed close to home in Limerick …
    I could be totally wrong, but the Drews might have originated from
    Kilcornan parish (maybe Dromlohan, Ballyvouge or Boherbuye?).  Your brick wall could now be explained by the fact that apparently barely any of these earlier Church of Ireland records still exist.
    More info:

    So, I suppose there is still a very small possibility that there was a couple Jacob Switzer X Margaret Drew who lived in Kilcornan parish. Of course I would be more sure that your James was one of the Switzer siblings if you are definitely sure that he came from e.g. Courtmatrix.

  • How like my family Switzer to have a liquor dealer – they must be kissing cousins. There are so many Swtizers in New York I shudder with horror if their name had been Murphy or O'Connor. Is it possible know if the ship from Limerick port to New York in 1850 The Bryan Abbs, or in 1851 the Victoria, had any Switzer's onboard? James, born 1840, said he spend 10 years in Ireland, some research says James Switzer came in 1860.